CAFC regarding claim construction and analogous art

Please join us on Monday, September 18, 2023 at Noon , where we will discuss two CAFC decision for Patents: one re: Claim Construction Apple v Corephotonics 22-1350.OPINION.9-11-2023_2188207 and the other regarding Analogous Art Netfix v Divx 22-1138.OPINION.9-11-2023_2188240. Angelo Gaz, of Counsel to SoCalIP, will lead the discussion.

Interaction of Dismissal with Prejudice and Subsequent Patent Infringement + Amazon IP Enforcement

Issue Preclusion, Claim Preclusion, and Expansion of the Kessler Doctrine Dismissal with prejudice generally gives rise to the application of two doctrines, issue preclusion and claim preclusion. Issue preclusion prevents a party from raising an issue that was or could have been brought in a previous lawsuit. So, a party who sues another party may [...]

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