Rule 68 & Copyright Law

Please join us Monday, April 15, 2024 at noon where we will discuss Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68 (Rule 68) and the "open question" of whether post-offer attorney’s fees are part of the recoverable "costs" for a defendant, in particular, in copyright cases. I think defendants should be able to use the Rule 68 [...]

Coca-Cola Loses Bid to Protect Marks Not Used in U.S.; Letter of Protest Practice Tips

On Monday, July 25, 2022, Chris Kopitzke will lead the discussion about a recent Federal Circuit decision rejecting Coca-Cola’s attempt to cancel a competing distributor’s U.S. trademark registrations for two marks used and registered by Coca-Cola outside the U.S. She will also explain the requirements and offer practice tips for filing a timely and successful [...]

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Service of Process by Mail Abroad

Service of process abroad was always presented to me as a difficult issue. And, it can be. The most recent, and important, discussion that bears on that process may be found in Water Splash, Inc. v. Menon, 2017 U.s. LEXIS 3212, Case No. 16-254 (2017) which resolved a circuit split regarding whether service by mail was [...]

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USPTO Crackdown on Trademark Scammers Amazon Crackdown on Counterfeiters

Please join us 9/27/2021 at 1:00pm for a discussion: United States Patent and Trademark Office Crackdown on Scammers. For years, owners of United States Trademark Registrations have been plagued by scam letters requesting payments to renews trademark registrations. Though trademark registrations must be renewed, these letters did not come from the actual USPTO but a [...]

Prosecuting Chinese Counterfeiters: New Enforcement Strategies Learned from Fendi v. Yilang at Shanghai Higher People’s Court

The FENDI Decision is out! After 5 long years, the Shanghai High Court issued its final judgement in the case of Fendi v. Yi Lang. Defendant Yi Lang (no relative of this week's presenter, SoCal IP Partner Marina Lang) can no longer operate his "Fendi" stores in China, stocked with parallel goods.  We will discuss [...]

The Supreme Court’s 2021 Personal Jurisdiction Decision – presented by Marina L. Lang

Ford Motor Co. v. Montana Eighth Judicial Dist. Ct. 141 S.Ct. 1017 (2021) For our discussion, we will analyze how the Supreme Court expanded personal jurisdiction over out-of-state defendants. The majority held that a Court’s specific jurisdiction standard includes suits that sufficiently “relate to” a defendant’s forum contacts, even in the absence of a "causal [...]

SoCal IP Institute :: August 6, 2012 :: Claim Construction

We will be discussing two Federal Circuit cases during our weekly SoCal IP Institute meeting on Monday, August 6, 2012. Brief synopses are presented below. Grober v. Mako Prod. Inc., Case No. 2010-1519, -1527 (Fed. Cir. July 30, 2012) (attached). Grober owns patent No. 6,611,662 towards a platform for stabilizing a camera for filming motion [...]

SoCal IP Institute :: January 9, 2012 :: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

We will be discussing the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) during our weekly SoCal IP Institute meeting on Monday, January 9, 2012. A brief synopsis and several relevant articles and sites are presented below. SOPA (attached) has been the subject of much commentary as of late.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an entire site [...]

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