Tax Court Case of the Century

A unique and dramatic presentation by a former IRS Estate Tax Attorney, Michael A. Permutter, whose personal journey included examining Michael Jackson’s Estate Tax return, presenting at IRS Appeals, assisting IRS litigators in the Estate’s historic and epic court battle against the IRS, and even being called up to testify at trial by the Estate against the IRS’ own “expert of the century”.  This “Tax Court Case of the Century” had it all, drama, hype, legal strategy, as well as credibility issues, lies, fantasy, and even a 20-year-old heavily used Honda Civic!  The presentation also tackles such questions as what was Michael Jackson’s kryptonite and why it is not a good idea to lie under oath on the witness stand!


Friend of the firm, Michael A. Permutter, JD, CPA, CVA, ABAR, will lead a discussion of this case at our weekly SoCal IP Institute Meeting on November 6, 2023 which will qualify for 1 hour of MCLE for the State Bar of California.