Please join us on Monday, October 3 at 12:00 pm, where Doppel, the market leader for NFT brand protection, will provide a live demo hosted by Kevin Tian, Co-founder and CEO. 

Doppel works with the largest consumer and web3 brands (Dapper Labs, Azra Games, Moonbirds, etc.), and their real-time, AI-powered monitoring platform automates detection and removal of counterfeits. Today, they scan over 200 million NFTs across all the major consumer NFT exchanges and support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow, and Klaytn.

Kevin is a Georgetown University alum who has spent his career as an engineer in Silicon Valley, building real-time distributed systems at scale for Uber and Lyft to power their intelligent dispatch systems. He has a passion for protecting human creativity and innovation, and he’s on a mission to deliver just that with the latest breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

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