SoCal IP is well positioned to weather the impact of Covid-19. We are here for you, our clients and associates.

  • All of our team can work remotely, at home or elsewhere. If you call or email, we will answer and respond from wherever we are located.
  • We’ve been using video for internal and external meetings for several years and are very comfortable with it. We like Skype for internal chat, and Zoom for video meetings outside of the firm.
  • SoCal IP has been paperless for more than a decade. Everything we need is on our servers which are accessible via high speed FIOS Internet service. Our systems have high availability/disaster recovery according to best practices.
  • We have annual disaster planning meetings.  Because we considered the potential impact of SARS in the past, we already knew what to do when Covid-19 arose.
  • Our firm is financially strong. We have healthy reserves and are prepared for economic uncertainty. As with the Great Recession, everyone will remain in their current roles – nobody will be laid off.

Through these trying times, know that we are here for you.

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