Our weekly SoCal IP Institute meeting on Monday, April 22, 2013 will be a discussion of two Federal Circuit cases – one regarding patent ownership and the other regarding a patent interference.

Dawson v. Dawson and Bowman (Fed. Circ. March 25, 2013) (available here).

The Federal Circuit affirmed the BPAI’s decision in a patent interference case finding that UCSF failed to establish sole conception by Dr. Dawson, and that Dr. Dawson did not conceive of the claimed inventions by himself prior to his collaboration with Dr. Bowman.

In re Morsa (Fed. Cir. April 5, 2013) (available here).

The Federal Circuit affirmed in part and vacated and remanded in part a decision from the BPAI. Rejection by the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences of inventor’s utility patent claims related to a benefit information match mechanism are: 1) affirmed in part, where substantial evidence supports the Board’s factual determinations, and the Board did not err in concluding that claims 181, 184, 188-203, 206, 210-25, 228, 232-47, 250, and 254-68 would have been obvious in light of the prior art; but 2) vacated and remanded in part, where the Board performed an incorrect enablement analysis when it determined that claims 271 and 272 were anticipated.

All are invited to join us in our discussion during the SoCal IP Institute meeting on Monday, April 22, 2013 at Noon in our Westlake Village office. This activity is approved for 1 hour of MCLE credit. If you will be joining us, please RSVP to Noelle Smith by 9 am Monday morning.