Plastics, Video Games, and Brews

Please join us Monday, April 01, 2024 at noon where we will discuss two recent Federal Circuit cases Inline Plastics Corp. v. Lacerta Group, LLC, No. 22-1954 (Fed. Cir. 2024) involving patent infringement of Inline Plastics’ tamper resistant container patents, and Savvy Dog Systems, LLC v. Pennsylvania Coin, LLC, No. 23-1073 (Fed. Cir. 2024) dealing with patent ineligibility of Savvy Dog’s video game. We will also discuss a recent TTAB decision In re C&D Brewing Ventures, Inc., No. 88935220 (T.T.A.B 2024) involving an appeal over a trademark registration for the mark OTTO’s for “soda pops” precluded by the registered mark OTTO’s OATMEAL STOUT for beer.

Jonathan Gutierrez, law clerk at SoCal IP, will lead the discussion.